The Program

Program Schedule

In this new program structure, the student can either predetermine the length of time they will be staying (i.e. four, eight, or the full 12 months) or choose to do one semester at a time to be determined as their program goes forward.

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During this semester, the student will begin to recognize behaviours, to understand their unhealthy coping mechanisms, and to begin to develop strategies and tools to help them overcome their issues.

Through a variety of life application and spiritual formation classes, as well as one-on-one coaching the student will begin to work through and gain insight into their issues and disorders.

Life Application Classes 

Obedience to man and God
Etiquette 1 (more personal directed)

Spiritual Formation Classes 

Who I am in Christ
Co-dependency/personal relationships
Knowing the enemy
James / temptation


During this semester, the student will continue to work through past issues, gaining understanding as well as expanding on and implementing tools. The life application and spiritual formation classes will be more intense and penetrating as we believe the student is growing stronger and more capable of digging deeper. Also during this semester, the student will be given more privileges and responsibilities. The student will continue in their one-on-one coaching.

Life Application Classes

Attitudes/Power of words
Money management
Etiquette 2 (more business directed)

Spiritual Formation Classes 

Redeemed sexuality
Search for freedom


The final semester is the re-entry phase of the program and the student will continue with coaching. The focus during this final four-month period is to assist the student’s re-introduction to her community. The re-entry program consists of the student having a placement position in a community organization as well as determining and obtaining the necessary community support needs for a successful transition into her New Life.

Life Application Classes 

Heath and nutrition
Praise and worship

Spiritual Formation Classes 

Trust and building fences
Ties that bind (blessings)
Holy Spirit and Gifts

Young women facing their past, living in the present and holding hope for the future.

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