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About New Life 

New Life is a not-for profit Christian residential program for young women ages 18-30 who are struggling with life controlling issues. We focus on Christ-centered nurturing, intensive Christian education, one-on-one coaching, life-skills training, community service and ministry opportunities. As a not-for profit organization we solely depend upon the generous support of businesses, community organizations, churches, and individuals. We do not accept any government funding.

Life Controlling Issues:

Some of the life controlling issues that young women may face in today's world are: drug and alcohol addiction, sexual, mental, and physical abuse, mental health illnesses such as bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and other compulsive behaviours.


NLGH was founded by Larry Snider and his wife Kathy in the fall of 1988. Larry was a troubled youth who rebelled against his family’s standards and went his own way hoping to find everything the world had to offer. He ended up in the hospital as an alcoholic. Knowing he needed help, and being desperate to change, Larry Snider entered a Teen Challenge program and joined the Christian faith marking the beginning of his healing and transformation.

After he finished the Teen Challenge program, Larry and his wife Kathy became one of the house parents at a Teen Challenge farm for boys. Larry became a pastor and felt God calling him to start a ministry for young women who had experienced abuse, who were struggling with addictions, and other life-controlling issues. Larry felt he was being directed to involve others in the community of faith who had a heart to help young women. As a result, no government funding was sought as it was set up to be a total faith ministry.

Through out the years NLGH has continued to be a faith ministry and still does not receive any government funding, so that the Gospel of Jesus can be shared. God has transformed the lives of many young women who have walked through the doors of NLGH and He offers each of us a New Life in Christ.

Young women facing their past, living in the present and holding hope for the future.

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